Hydra Island

Launch of Hydra Houses website!

I am excited to welcome you all to the new launch of Hydra Houses website! 🙂

It has been a hard two months creating, putting all content together and having superb new photos taken of all the real estate for sale on Hydra island Greece (thank you Nikos! www.kiafasphotography.com) but we finally made it!

I guess a few months ago I got itchy feet and realised that many websites on the internet advertising real estate in Hydra, mostly seem to be mixed in with other things. So my idea was wanting to create something fresh, a little more updated in style and solely based on houses to buy and sell.

Many already know me but those who don’t, in the morning time I am always the lady sat sipping a cold iced coffee in my “open air” office – Tassos cafe! Yes it’s true!

I am not the usual city type real estate agent who you will find wearing a suit in an office but a more relaxed casually dressed person wanting a more one to one relationship with clients and what better way to do it than to be in the real surroundings of everyday life of Hydra itself.

Having met many clients over the years, it has and is always a joy for me when they finally discover their dream house. The process can sometimes be quick but on the other hand, can be one of much needed patience, the waiting for the right property to pop up and for them to have that “click” feeling! I always know when that “click” feeling is happening…

Four years ago I stopped a couple from buying a house. They were wanting to buy it because they were so tired of not finding their dream house, felt they had searched enough and had decided that anything would do! I thought they were truly insane! Honestly! Of course I couldn’t allow it and told them that they were not buying that particular house, end of story. My words came out telling them that patience is very much needed, not just at that moment but all the time when in Hydra and that they must adapt this into their lifestyle when here on the island, (as well as finding their perfect home for sale). Two days before their departure, I had a phone call from a lady wanting to sell her house. The same evening when I visited the property, I immediately knew this was the house that they would want and cherish! As soon as my meeting was over with the seller, I excitedly phoned the couple. We ended up visiting the next morning and yes, they had finally found their dream house. Smiles all around!

We at Hydra Houses feel it is important and an essential asset to have good understanding and knowledge of what clients are really looking for before setting off to view houses.

Many already know the island to some extent after visiting a few times but most haven’t actually explored the various areas on Hydra and are sometimes astonished to find a house they thought they liked through photos, in a region not appealing to them at all.

Hydra Houses hopes you enjoy looking through the new website of houses for sale on Hydra. We shall be publishing variated blogs each month and look forward to being in contact with you.